Brain Based - Inspiring Creative Thinking
Maximum 12 Learners Per Class
We Provide Healthy Meals
A Homelike Environment
Learner Assistance


Uniqueness is a gift, one which we intent to embrace to its fullness.
Learners entering our school benefits from a homelike environment with smaller classes (max 12 learners per teacher!), allowing for individual attention in line with our Personal Education tagline. So-called ADD, ADHD and children in need of remedial education are all welcome as our unique approach addresses these ‘conditions’ at its root whilst providing an enriching learning environment for those searching for alternatives to mainstream. TheraEd is inclusive in our fee structure and presented to all children on a daily basis, assisting learners with the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to cope with our integrated academic curriculum.

We currently have two schools one in Lynnwood, Pretoria and the other in Noordhoek, Cape Town.

NOTE not all our campuses currently offer all the Pre-Primary Grades RRR and RR or High School. Please check with you campus.

± Ages 4 - 6  (Grade RRR - R)

± Ages 7 - 12   (Grade 1 - 6)

± Ages 13 -15  (Grade 7 - 9)

± Ages 16 - 19  (Grade 10 - 12)

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