A Typical Day

What a day at school looks like for your child.

A typical day

Parents often wonder what a typical day look like for our EduExcellence School learners. The example below is of a typical day in Grade 4. Please Note – The actual times may vary between campuses, centres as well as different days of the week (including special days).

07:00School gates open
07:30Morning Assembly
07:55Group brain development activities (TheraEd)
08:3015 minutes Neuro-Cognitive books
08:45Subject Periods – Academic orientated (such as English, Math etc) or Therapy orientated (Care Circles, Awareness Campaign etc.)
9:50ADHOC Therapies
10:00Subject Classes
12:30Lunch – Low GI meal & more ADHOC Therapies
13:15Subject Period
14:00School Ends