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D6 Communictor

We primarily use D6 Communicator to stay in touch with our parents at all times. Install the d6 Communicator on your PC or Mac to receive news, calendar events and more. If  and if you’re often on the move, you can install the d6 Communicator on your mobile phone by searching for ‘EduExcellence’ on your device’s app store.


Karri provides a safe (backed by Nedbank), easy and convenient way to pay for adhoc items at EduExcellence. 

Staff will load the item and you will receive a notification on your phone that there is an item requiring payment. You can review the item, check the deadline and make payment right from your phone. Karri payments mean that EduExcellence can strive to remain cash-free which is safer for our staff and learners.

For more on Karri – check out their website here.