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Your stationary & textbook lists

Stationery & RESOURCE Lists

Please download the correct list for your child’s class. The list will also be distributed with your child’s diary or available at the Front Office of your campus.

The Resource List combines all Stationery, Textbooks, Educational and Therapeutic Resources needed.

Pre-Primary School

Primary School

Middle School

High School

Please Note: Clicking on the above link will open the PDF in a new window or browser tab. From their you can select to either print or download the file. 

Check in the top right hand corner for the Print and Download icons.

Where to purchase textbooks and stationary?

Textbooks & stationery may be purchased at any retailer supplying the required goods, including secondhand book shops. 

Below are a few retailers and online stores that may be compared for purchase.



  • Office National
  • Waltons
  • Makro
  • Shoprite